Holiday Retail

Tom Arnold

Finance professor Tom Arnold is a retail expert who can comment on holiday retail trends, businesses staying open on Thanksgiving, Black Friday shopping, the impact of online stores, and more.

He’s been quoted on these topics in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, USA Today, and The Washington Post.

Comments from Arnold:

"Black Friday will always be the start of the holiday season, at least symbolically in the retail sector, however a few years ago when stores started opening on Thanksgiving day, there were some objections by consumers, but ultimately I think they’ve sort of accepted it. So in a sense what I see happening with Black Friday in the future is it’ll become its own season, possibly the whole week of Thanksgiving."

"Many had predicted that online retailing was eventually going to replace most physical retailing. It was only a matter of when this would occur and if physical retailers could adapt appropriately. The pandemic seems to have accelerated the process more so than what had been anticipated and the spate of retailer bankruptcies seems to indicate that many were simply not ready for this new reality."

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