University of Richmond experts for holiday stories

University of Richmond experts for holiday stories

From retail trends to healthy holiday eating, University of Richmond faculty and staff are available to share their expertise for stories you are working on this holiday season.
Tom Arnold

Holiday Retail

Tom Arnold, finance professor, can speak to holiday shopping trends and other retail stories.

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Charlynn Small

Holiday Stress

Clinical psychologist Charlynn Small can offer advice on managing stress this holiday season.

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Sarah Sheppard

Holiday Fitness

Health Educator Sarah Lee Sheppard can offer simple tips on how to keep your fitness routine going during the holidays.

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Heather Sadowski

Holiday Wellness

Heather Sadowski, director of health promotion, can speak to meeting wellness goals despite holiday temptations.

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Becca Shelton

Holiday Job Hunting

Becca Shelton, University of Richmond career advisor, offers advice on how to best job hunt over the holidays.

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Tyler Betzhold

Holiday Cooking

Tyler Betzhold, executive chef at UR, can offer cooking tips to help survive the holiday season.

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Kelly Lambert

New Year's Brain Tune Up

Kelly Lambert, professor of behavioral neuroscience, can offer tips for tuning up your brain in the New Year.

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Camilla Nonterah

Sticking to Your Resolutions

Camilla Nonterah is a counseling psychologist who can suggest how to stick to New Year's resolutions.

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Don Forsyth

Tips for Financial Resolutions

Don Forsyth is a leadership studies professor who can suggest how to improve financial habits in the new year.

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Rob Andrejewski

Eco-Friendly Holiday Tips

Rob Andrejewski, director of sustainability, provides tips to ensure an eco-friendly holiday season.

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Ed Ayers

Thanksgiving Myths

Ed Ayers, Tucker-Boatwright Professor of the Humanities, can discuss myths associated with Thanksgiving in America.

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