Holiday Cooking

Andy Herscher

Andy Kerscher, chef de cuisine for UR's award-winning Heilman Dining Center, can offer cooking tips for home cooks and fellow chefs throughout the holiday season.

  • Find inspiration from your own history, playing on favorites and memorable meals learned through the years. His team always tries to bring some of their own memories and traditions to the table, as well as learning from other cultural cuisines.
  • Home cooks can use small tweaks to make familiar holiday dishes better - try fresh herbs and homemade components of recipes instead of canned (e.g. mushroom soup for a green bean casserole, fresh blanched green beans instead of canned, etc.)
  • Brown sugar, honey, and bourbon ham is always a favorite menu item. Cornish hens (brined) can be very simple and elegant for a smaller family affair. Homemade potato gratin is also a staple for the holiday season. 

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