University of Richmond Experts Available to for Veterans Day Stories

University of Richmond Experts Available for Veterans Day Stories

University of Richmond faculty are available to share their expertise as you prepare stories for Veterans Day.
Paul Achter

War Rhetoric

Paul Achter researches how the norms of war manifest in our society. 

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Laura Browder

Women in Combat

Laura Browder, an American Studies professor, has written a book on the experiences of women returning home from war. 

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Robert Hodierne

War & Journalism

Journalism professor Robert Hodierne has more than 40 years for experience as a journalist covering America at war.

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Cecil Stinnie

Military Science & Leadership

Lieutenant Colonel Cecil D. Stinnie is a military science professor and chair of the Military Science Department. He has served in Germany, Korea, and supported Operation Iraqi Freedom. 

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Joanna Wares

Veterans & Brain Injuries

Mathematics professor Joanna Wares researches veterans and their recovery from traumatic brain injuries. 

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Peter Smallwood headshot

Battlefields & Military Parks

Biology professor Peter Smallwood can discuss the preservation of battlefields related to protecting natural areas. 

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