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University of Richmond Weather Experts

Let's face it. When weather is a story, it's the story. From when winter weather strikes to other major weather events, University of Richmond faculty and staff are at the ready to share their expertise for your stories. 

Travel Safety

Tom Arnold headshot

Eric Beatty, captain of campus services, can provide winter weather tips for motorists.

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History of Weather Forecasting

Erik Craft headshot

Economics professor Erik Craft has studied the history and economics of weather forecasting in the U.S. 

Climate Change & Weather

Kitchen headshotDavid Kitchen is a volcanologist and geologist with expertise in climate change and natural disasters.

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Protecting Your Landscape

Sarah Sheppard headshot

Landscape and horticulture expert Allison Moyer shares how to limit the effects of snow and ice on your landscape.

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Slick Roads & Salt Treatments

Sarah Sheppard headshot

Chemistry professor Julie Pollock can explain the chemistry behind using salt to treat icy roads.

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Emergency Preparedness

Schaal headshot

Brittany Schaal, director of emergency management and planning, provides tips on preparing for weather emergencies.

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The Physics of Weather

Jack Singal headshot

Physics professor Jack Singal can speak to the physics of weather and climate.

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Weather & Climate Patterns

Glenn Pruden headshot

Geography professor Stephanie Spera can explain why weather happens and why it changes.

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Snow Day Reading

Milby headshot

Tammy Milby, director of reading, can share how to make a snow day an at-home educational opportunity. 

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