UNIVERSITY OF RICHMOND —  As you continue your coverage of the COVID-19 pandemic, consider these University of Richmond experts.

Sarah Lee on Health & Fitness
UR health educator Sarah Lee can discuss the importance of sticking with your fitness routine while social distancing and can provide tips on how to stay motivated. “Set movement goals. If you are not able to do a formal workout all at once, reframe your thinking into setting a movement goal for the day,” Lee says.

Monti Datta on Mindfulness
Monti Datta is a political science professor and co-leader of a faculty learning community on mindfulness. He can offer tips on how to use mindfulness as a tool for dealing with the stress of COVID-19. “Mindfulness is not only a tool of stress reduction, but also a way to tune into one’s self and find a way to sit gently with even uncomfortable feelings as they arise,” says Datta.

Laura Knouse on Emotional Resiliency  

Psychology professor and clinical psychologist Laura Knouse can share tips on how to stay grounded during uncertain times by focusing on and accomplishing daily tasks. “Goals and activities that generate a sense of accomplishment, mastery, difference making, or positive emotions such as joy are especially good choices, but it can still feel good to accomplish even seemingly mundane tasks,” says Knouse.  

Additional experts are highlighted on this expert guide related to COVID-19.



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Human Trafficking and Modern Day Slavery
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