Media Tip Sheet: University of Richmond Faculty Experts Available to Provide Insight on Tactics Employed on the Campaign Trail

September 18, 2020

UNIVERSITY OF RICHMOND —  As you continue your coverage of the 2020 Election, consider these University of Richmond faculty experts.

Crystal Hoyt on Campaign Messaging
Crystal Hoyt, professor of leadership studies and psychology, studies how campaign messaging around social class can influence prejudice. 

Joanna Love on the Use of Music in Campaigns
Joanna Love, assistant professor of music, researches how music is used to garner support during political campaigns.

Linda Hobgood on Political Rhetoric
Linda Hobgood, director of the Speech Center and professor of rhetoric and communications studies, studies public speaking, speech writing, and political rhetoric. She has served on roles in the White House and can also speak to the rhetoric of First Ladies. 

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