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University of Richmond Faculty Take You Back to Class

You might not be an undergrad anymore, but you can still give learning the old college try. Through a regular feature in the Richmond Times-Dispatch's Discover Richmond Magazine, University of Richmond faculty provide a glimpse into a unique class they teach. Topics range from the secret life of books to the chemistry of cooking to music as medicine.

The Black Vernacular

Bert Ashe headshot

Bert Ashe, professor of English, discusses his course "The Black Vernacular."

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Longevity and Happiness

Joel Eisen headshot

Jane Berry, a psychology professor, discusses her course “Longevity and Happiness.”

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Games and Leadership

Kristin Bezio headshot

Kristin Bezio, a leadership studies professor, discusses her course "Games, Game Theory, and Leadership Studies."

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Managing Groups and Teams

Kevin Cruz headshot

Kevin Cruz, a management professor, discusses his course "Managing Groups and Teams."

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Groups and Leadership

Don Forsyth headshot

Don Forsyth, a leadership studies professor and social psychologist, discusses his course "Groupology."

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Music and Medicine

April Greenan headshot

April Greenan, a musicologist and liberal arts professor, discusses her course "Music and Medicine."

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Secret Life of Books

Lynda Kachurek headshot

Lynda Kachurek, head of rare books and special collections at Boatwright Memorial Library, discusses her course "The Secret Life of Books."

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Catching Criminals with Chemistry

Mike Leopold headshot

Chemistry professor Mike Leopold discusses his course "Catching Criminals with Chemistry."

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Science of Emotion

Kristjen Lundberg headshot

Kristjen Lundberg, a social psychology professor, discusses her course "The Science of Emotion."

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Chemistry of Cooking

Kristine Nolin headshot

Chemistry professor Kristine Nolin discusses her class "The Chemistry of Cooking and Modernist Cuisine."

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City of the Dead

Doug Winiarski headshot

Doug Winiarski, professor of Religious Studies and American Studies, discusses his class "Richmond: City of the Dead."

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