Expert Guide: Back to School During COVID-19

Expert Guide: Back to School During COVID-19

As the first day of classes around the country draws near, the coronavirus pandemic has students, teachers, and parents alike navigating uncharted territory as school systems solidify plans with safety in mind. Whether learning takes place online or in a socially-distanced classroom — or both — University of Richmond experts can share their insights on how to make the academic year a successful one.
Allison Brenning

Learning Outdoors

Allison Brenning, director of instruction and educational practice, can discuss how learning opportunities can be taken outdoors. 

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Kate Cassada

Parent-Teacher Conferences

Kate Cassada, assistant chair of the educational leadership and policy studies, can provide insight on how to approach parent-teacher conferences. 

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Don Forsyth

Social Groups

Don Forsyth, a social and personality psychologist, can discuss how to maintain healthy social interactions while social distancing. 

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Linda Hobgood

Online Communication

Linda Hobgood, director of University of Richmond's Speech Center, can discuss best practices when communicating with others virtually.

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Laura Knouse

Managing To-Do Lists

Laura Knouse, a psychology professor and clinical psychologist, shares tips on how to mentally train yourself to maximize productivity. 

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Karen Kochel

Childhood Development

Karen Kochel, a psychology professor and expert on childhood development, can explain the research behind how children learn best, and what parents can do to help. 

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Roger Mancastroppa

Virtual Academic Skills

Roger Mancastroppa, associate director of the Academic Skills Center at UR, shares tips on how students can establish strong virtual learning skills. 

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Tom Shields

Educational Inequities

Tom Shields, associate professor of education and leadership studies, can discuss how and why the educational impact of COVID-19 varies by zipcode.

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Charlynn Small

Stress Management

Charlynn Small, a clinical psychologist, shares insight on how students can identify stressors during the school year and manage them effectively. 

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Bob Spires

School Re-openings Worldwide

Bob Spires, an expert on comparative international education, can discuss how schools around the world have re-opened during COVID-19. 

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Shana Sumpter

Internet Connectivity

Shana Sumpter, director of information security, shares tips for ensuring optimal internet speeds to meet the entire family's needs. 

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